Countdown to Christmas

5 days of my favourite festivities

Okay, so let’s just take a deep breath … there’s 5 days left until Christmas – how quickly has December gone by?!

For some reason this year, I’ve been feeling less festive than usual, but that’s probably because I’ve just got back from my first term of uni (yes I managed to survive!) and I have yet to buy some of my chrimbo presents! – yes I know, very unorganised and yes I need to sort it out.

So, to get more in the festive spirit I’m going to do a 5 day blog countdown  filled with my favourite things to do around Christmas with my family and friends!

Everyday I will post a separate blog with a different activities or things that make people feel festive!

Thank goodness we now have a well deserved break from school/work/uni so we can relax with our families and friends and enjoy the holiday!


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