3 Days to Go – Don’t forget the dog!

Last minute mayhem for your furry friends!

This was meant to upload yesterday but my app wasn’t working! Oh well – it’s all chaos at Christmas!

One thing I always love doing at Christmas is treating the pets, big and small.

I don’t know about any other dogs, but my dog loves opening presents – it’s so funny to watch! If this totally isn’t you that’s cool, but personally I do this for my dog every year, it’s become a sort of tradition! After all they are part of the family and he’s such a good boy!

It’s usually just a toy and some treats, or a tug-rope – last year he got a Christmas jumper!

You can’t deny this is one cute puppers!

This year I just went to my local B&M and picked up another cozy coat for him and some tennis balls to keep him entertained over Christmas and to take on our walks (still hoping for some snow!). Just cheap and cheerful things for my favourite pup!

Whatever you do with your family and your pets, make it great and have fun!

It just so happens my doggo is one spoilt pooch at this time of year and that’s just how it is!

What does everyone else do for their pets at this time of year? It’s not just me who does this is it?


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