New year, new outlook


It’s day 3 out of 365 and I can honestly say this year has gone great so far…

For all of you who celebrated, danced the night away or just stayed in, hopefully you had an amazing day and were not too hung-over the next morning!

We can all expect the whole “new year, new me” crap that everyone will most definitely spout on about, just after the comments “I haven’t seen you since last year oh my god!” and “yesterday was SO last year”.

One of the things that everyone obsesses over in new year is their list of resolutions. The most common – start the gym, will not be on my list, my student bank account says no thank you at all costs, literally. I can’t be bothered to buy the green smoothie recipes or spend money on a membership that I may just drop out of.

This year I have decided to come up with resolutions or goals that are small but personally will benefit me a lot. By having a list I will probably end up doing one of them I suppose…

  1. Read more
  2. Write more
  3. Meditate often
  4. Worry less and give myself more credit
  5. Be excited about small achievements
  6. Try (and try) to drink more water
  7. Have a tidier space
  8. Make time for myself
  9. Take more pictures for a scrapbook
  10. Reflect daily on the good things that have happened that day

All I know is that whatever this new year brings, I will hopefully be ready for it. There’s no doubt that there will be ups and downs because that’s just how it is – life isn’t predictable, but by looking at it from a positive approach with people around you that you care about, this next year shouldn’t be too bad.


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