Getting into the habit of writing


As a second year student who is studying Creative and Professional writing, you would think that I would always have a pen in my hand or a laptop on my lap, scribbling or typing away. It would surprise people that this is not exactly how I spend my days. Since the age of around about … Continue reading Getting into the habit of writing


How to decorate your uni room


This is my blog I worked on for UWE Bristol's platform UWE Browzer! I hope you enjoy my tips!   Whether it's your first time living away from home or not, moving into a whole new space can give you a mixture of feelings. There's no doubt that it can be quite daunting, especially if … Continue reading How to decorate your uni room

Cross-training your brain

Exercise the mind If there is anything I have learnt last semester is that there are countless methods to help you grasp creative ideas. Even though you may have your own unique way, by letting yourself try new thing and venture out from what you would usually do is so helpful if you hit a … Continue reading Cross-training your brain

Thoughts on writers block


Winter blues and inspirational slumps I think it’s fair to say Autumn came to say hello and then just ran away with us, a Halloween party and then it was gone and all of a sudden every where is star-studded with Christmas lights and festive markets. University really does go by so quickly and now … Continue reading Thoughts on writers block