Thoughts on writers block

Winter blues and inspirational slumps

I think it’s fair to say Autumn came to say hello and then just ran away with us, a Halloween party and then it was gone and all of a sudden every where is star-studded with Christmas lights and festive markets.

University really does go by so quickly and now it’s so close to all our 1st year end of term deadlines before Christmas and the work load is piling high.

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I couldn’t get any inspiration for my free writing and had to go on a 2 hour walk through the park near where I live in halls, it was literally like my mind was white. It was pretty, there is a massive yellow house that used to be a mental asylum which is quite creepy but still didn’t help me figure of any good ideas to write about. It’s fair to say that I have had such a writer’s block month – which isn’t really helpful when I have 750-word assessment essay and copy-writing portfolio to work on. On the other hand, it was great to get some fresh air.

Realising not being able to grasp inspiration or creative ideas 24/7 isn’t the end of the world.

I could not think of anything, just pure blank. My personal tutor says that most of what we write is basically 90% crap and then there comes the magical 10% of good content. He also said that we have to not be afraid of writing out a mountain of work that is actually not that great to get the good stuff out… I feel like there is some good writing due very soon as all I can write at the moment is pure rubbish in my mind.

I suppose that at times of low inspiration and few ideas, we have to ignore our inner voices discouraging us and that’s just how it is. Our minds aren’t going to spark up ideas 24/7 and that’s okay, it will just take time to figure it out.

writers block
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7 thoughts on “Thoughts on writers block

    1. Honestly, it’s too true!! I’ve been struggling for about 2 weeks but just have to not think about writing perfectly too much. It will come, I believe in you! Get your 10% of gold 💓 I found that just doing some free writing about anything (even if it’s saying that you have no idea what to write) can spark up ideas! Xx

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