10 things I am grateful for in Lockdown


When I started university, the last thing on my mind was a global pandemic smack bang in the middle of my second academic year. There I said it! And, I think everyone has similar thoughts… Of course, this uncertain time has sprung on us all very quickly and following the Government’s guidelines of social distancing … Continue reading 10 things I am grateful for in Lockdown


How to decorate your uni room


This is my blog I worked on for UWE Bristol's platform UWE Browzer! I hope you enjoy my tips!   Whether it's your first time living away from home or not, moving into a whole new space can give you a mixture of feelings. There's no doubt that it can be quite daunting, especially if … Continue reading How to decorate your uni room

Thoughts on writers block


Winter blues and inspirational slumps I think it’s fair to say Autumn came to say hello and then just ran away with us, a Halloween party and then it was gone and all of a sudden every where is star-studded with Christmas lights and festive markets. University really does go by so quickly and now … Continue reading Thoughts on writers block