And so it begins…

Hi! I am Chloe, a first year student from Bristol. I have created this personal blog to give a little insight into my own university experiences living away from home for the first time and keeping on top of my studies, whilst I try to figure it all out for myself!

I love to write and by having this blog I will not only get to share it with other people, but also remember all the wacky and wonderful things that I encounter as I get through this first year (and hopefully learn from for the second and third).

As well as writing about the ‘adventure’ that is university, I will be using this space to write about anything and everything just how it is so you can read real first hand experiences that don’t really get talked about.

I hope you enjoy reading my utmost inner thoughts and if there are any student blogs that anyone recommends please let me know as I would love to read them!

Thanks for joining me!

Chloe x



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